Bandit $ign$

Today I would like to talk about bandit signs. Now for everyone out there looking to start wholesaling, let me tell you this Fresno, Ca is the 2nd toughest test market in the nation behind Cleavland, Ohio (look it up). So when my partner and I researched other successful wholesalers across the nation, and noticed they were all using bandit signs, we were a little skeptical that such a simple, and inexpensive method of marketing would work for us, that is being in Fresno. Well 28 signs, and less than 2 weeks in to our campaign and we have received around 12 calls, and one solid lead. Now one might say that’s not an amazing response, but just note that we invested just under $100 in bandit signs and our assignments start @ $10,000. One deal could pay for 100 bandit campaigns. So I conclude with this Bandit signs JUST DO IT! They work!!!

Go to to get 24×18 inch signs for 76 cents a piece!


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