$1 Dollar Bandit $ign, Makes $20,000

Look… Like I said in my previous post on bandit signs, they work! I had a guy call regarding selling his house here in Fresno, due to one of my signs, ” Cash 4 Houses call BLAH BLAH BLAH”. So were talking and he tells me that he has 2 houses that he needs to get rid of. So I take all of the necessary info, look into the properties, and call him back 2 days later. When I called him back with my offer, I let him know that because of the soft market and the condition of the houses, I wasn’t going to be able to give him anything near what he was looking for. As polite as I could be, I also let him know I didn’t want to insult him with my offer. Now the key here was that I didn’t just throw out a price. I made him ask repeatedly for my offer, I wanted to try and get the properties for around $100,000. So when I finally did give him my offer, I told him that I would give him $80,000 cash and we”ll close quick. Now that’s alot less then what I was willing to pay but if he said yes, we would have had a deal. But I new he wanted more than that I just wanted to create some breathing room. He then told me he was hoping to get somewhere around $120,000 and asked me if I could meet him in the middle at $100,000 perfect; I told him the only way I would agree to that is if we really had a deal. He said “We have a deal” I said great sent him over the contracts it was like 9:30pm, he sent them back that night fully executed by him and his wife, and the next morning I contacted my escrow agent and sent the contracts over to her to open up escrow.  Now I already had my buyers waiting for these deals so it was a quick flip. Now the moral of this story is like I said, Bandit signs work, I’ve heard everyone else out there wholesaling say it, and now I’m saying it. Go get yourself some 18″ x 24″ signs, go get some sharpies, put them out, and start making some MONEY! By the way the sign cost $1 for all white corrugated plastic. We bought them here in Fresno, you can buy your own probably from somewhere local, or there are million different websites online you can order from.


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