How To Flip Your House to Investors Quickly! Part 1

For all you new wholesalers… If you want to be successful at this, and flip houses quickly for big profits, you need to supply the demand. How do you do That? Simple, Don’t waste your time on crappy deals, What is a crappy Deal? One that is not 70% ARV (After Repair Value) minus repairs, AND Minus your FEE (Mine is $10,000) If you rush to go out and put a property in contract and it doesn’t fit that equation I just showed you… You guessed it you have a crappy deal, and investors will not only not buy from you. In turn they will be skeptical when you call again to answer the phone, because they wont want to waste their time with you, and your crappy deals. Most investors, Like numbers, so If the house is in a decent area, and the numbers make sense, you got a deal, and you MAKE MONEY!!! its that simple. look for Part 2, I will talk about how to pitch your deal so you can Flip Quick! God 1st – Sam


About The Wholesale Challenge
The New age Hu$tlers in Real-Estate Investing!

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