The Effectiveness of Bandit Signs

This is now my 3rd post about these cheap pieces of plastic. And like the posts previous to this one, I am saying it again, THEY WORK! We do direct mail, and other forms of marketing for acquiring property, and up to this point bandit signs are the single most effective way for having motivated sellers, call you. Now we haven’t put out more then 40 signs in the last 3 weeks. But we have received a solid group of hot leads, people looking to sell there houses, and they are Free-n-clear. Those are the best situations, because these people for the most part have owned the property for a really long time, are looking to get rid of it with putting not a dime into the property, and with no out of pocket expenses. So If you have buyers and you need sellers I strongly recommend you going and getting these signs and start putting them up.


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