How to flip Houses to Investors Quickly part 2

Now in part 1, we discussed what is, and what isn’t a good deal. I also gave you the equation that these investors are looking for. Now the next thing you want to do in order to flip that house quickly, is to make sure you have what your investors are looking for. Don’t waste your time putting deals under contract that your investors are not looking for. For instance, lets say you go and put a 2/1 (2bed, 1bath) under contract. Now personally any investors I have dealt with, do not buy anything less than a 3/1, lets say yours are the same. You go and you start soliciting your great deal to your buyers list, and 10 days later you are backing out of the contract and collecting your $1,000 earnest money deposit back making NO MONEY! Why? Because the property was not what they are looking for. Investors for the most part are only concerned about there Flip, and the time line in doing so. The question they are asking themselves when they look at your deal is, how quickly can I get this off my books for a profit. If the size, area, or cost of the property is not what they are seeking, and they feel it wont sell quickly, or bring them a good return on their investment, they wont buy. So do your home work on your investors, ask them questions in detail on what they are looking for, 3/1’s, 4/2’s whatever, find it bring it to them and make some MONEY!


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