Flipping Real-Estate is a Business!

For those of you reading and you are just getting started in this industry there is something you need to keep in mind. Flipping real-estate is a business, and like any other business out there it follows all of the same principalities¬† in order to function and grow successfully. One of the most critical elements is Marketing. Marketing is something you need to do early in your business and often. With out this element you have no business. Referrals will come over time by doing good business, but at first you need to market yourself to the best of your financial capabilities in order to generate leads. Now another thing you most do and we all struggle at this, is plan. By not creating a plan for your business, you are planning on failure. Do some research, and create a plan.Now that you have a plan and you are marketing, I encourage setting up systems for processing all of these leads, and information that you will encounter. This is important because you need some kind of formality in which you handle each part of your business. These things all need to be done because you are not just flipping houses, you are in “the business of flipping investment properties”….. sounds cool huh. So I strongly recommend you do your homework, read books and learn about simple and fundamental business practices, one book I recommend to anyone I encounter is called “The E-Myth Revisited” by Micheal E. Gerber, Read it twice!¬† That is all for now I have to go and grow my own business, Good luck and God bless.


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