Wholesale Training Video

Micheal Jake is a great resource for information, I have watched probably every You Tube video he has put together. He is very knowledgeable, and we where fortunate to stumble across his videos when we first started off. Watch the video take some notes, and even look him up. When you are getting started it is hard to really analyze and determine what a total repair cost might be. This information is important for you to convey to your investors because one of the first questions they might ask you will be directed towards repairs, or condition. This is your opportunity to show them you did your homework. What we do is go through the house just like Micheal does in the video, write down all of the apparent repairs and things needing replacement. Price all of these items either through Lowes, or Home Depot.com, and then determine a total cost of repairs. The more prepared information you have ready about the property for your end buyer, the better. This will help them make a more sound and less timely decision about purchasing your property.

Part 1



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