To some degree we all aspire to be successful, some more than others. We all embody the needed components to archive our own personal definition of success, but sometimes there are areas in which we lack or need improvement. Drive is a combined effort to accomplish a goal, Do you poses it? Passion; one definition is “something that is desired intensely” How intensely do you desire your goal? Dedication is the act of binding yourself to a course of action. How dedicated to this are you? Success is defined as a state of prosperity, this can only be measured by ones personal Ambition, Drive, Passion, & Dedication to what matters most to oneself. I find through my interactions with others that we all desire certain things in life, yet lack some of or all the components that I just mentioned. Does this mean one is wondering hopelessly and can never reach ones potential. NO! You are who you think you are, you become your thoughts, and your actions only confirm your thoughts. Just like an athlete prepares for his opportunity to win a championship, his opportunity to become a champion which lies before him, depends on his own abilities and his ability to recognize his own strengths and weaknesses and use both to his advantage. It is a rare thing that someone reaches any level of success with out the help of someone else. This means your success might be directly correlated with the people you surround yourself with. Only you can decide who you subject yourself to. If you surround yourself with losers, how can you ever be a winner. Ever here that saying birds of a feather flock together? who are you flying with? So its gut check time! Areas in your life that you need to improve, and you know what those are, are probably holding you from where you want to be. Just like someone preparing to run a marathon, you must work at this daily and train and condition yourself for your success. We all will fail eventually, but you must take from that failure an education that will help you move forward not hold you back. Don’t let your failures define your life. You must find balance in life, and fight for what you want(Not Literally). So what changes are you going to make in your life today, in order to breed success.


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