Persistence Pay$ Off

Don’t let these internet guru’s fool you Real-Estate is a tough game, and if you are unprepared, it is a monster that can be very intimidating. I have been involved in real-estate since 2005, and certain things I venture into still make me unsure at first. But as a wholesaler, a newbie, with no real-estate experience, or knowledge, that could be frightening. I want you to know that persistence pay$ off. Here are the things you need to be persistent on:

(1) Education – You need to become a master of your craft, that means you are exploring this business and digging to find answers, and different, better ways for you to do business. You need to know the history of what you are doing to move in the future.

(2) Networking – I had a successful guy tell me once that, successful people have a good network, and that nobody makes it on there own. So align yourself with people, and put your self in situations where you can meet people that you can network with, like local investor meetings.

(3) Marketing – If your not consistently advertising your business, you wont have one. Bandit signs, letters, internet, ect.

(4) Seeking Inspiration – You have to constantly remind yourself why you are doing this, the objective, your goal, who you are doing this for, and when times get tough, you will be alright, I also Pray, I promise God Provides!

(5) Repeat – Repeat steps 1-5, again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, for infinity!

These are the things my partner and I are doing everyday, and we are continually growing our business, we want to see others be successful and grow theirs. You only fail when you quit, and that’s why Persistence Pay$ off.


About The Wholesale Challenge
The New age Hu$tlers in Real-Estate Investing!

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