1st Time Flipping a Home – Project Ground Zero!

We are about to embark on a new chapter of business for us in flipping homes. For the past few months we have been marketing for what we call Private Money Partners (or equity partners) and we acquired one. The guy is a farmer, and has really no time to get involved in Flipping but has a good amount of money saved up, and was interested in growing it by 20-30%. So over coffee one morning we got to know each other, and in turn he is interested in doing business with us. Now this past week through our marketing efforts, we were contacted by a women who was looking to sell a house she had inherited from her mother. The house is immaculate, but dated. So we looked at the property and made her an offer, after everything we settled @ $55,000. We are looking to give this property a major face lift, and then turn around and sell it. Total rehab will be cost us around $20,000 and after a Realtor and all other incurred fees we will be looking to net about $23,000 on our end. Now This is a little different for us than simply assigning(wholesaling) it over to an investor collecting $10,000 and walking away. But it is something my partner and I both strongly desire to do, and the payout is a little greater. As a wholesaler you have alot of opportunity with your interactions with investors to do a number of different things, as long as the number make sense, and you posses a little pitch man in you, the sky is the limit. Allow you creativity to take you places you at first never could at 1st imagine, and be open minded at taking your business in new PROFITABLE directions. The name of our project is called “Ground Zero” we will be documenting everything by video, and posting our journey through our Blog. Stay tuned for the up dates.

– Peace


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