Ground Zero!

"Ground Zero" Before

Ground Zero!

This is our 1st buy, sell, flip that we will be doing on our own.  The property is in very good condition, it is a little dated in areas like the kitchen, and bath. But overall in need of very little. We were looking to take this project one of two ways.

The 1st option was to do an extensive remodel to the property adding in new windows, modernizing the kitchen, adding granite and doing the same in the bathrooms ect., costing around $20,000.

Option number 2 was to just paint the house inside and out re-tile the kitchen and bath, and add a new garage door.

After discussing things with our partner we have decided to go with option #2, we will be looking to invest roughly $60,000 into this project, this includes the cost of purchasing and rehabbing the home. Our plan is to list the property for 10% less than the potential ARV hoping for a quick sale. Our estimated rehab time will be about 10 days, making this a very quick turn Around.

Stay tuned for further details on the project and for the end turn out on the Flip!



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