Bandit $igns are good for Busine$$

If you are wholesaling and have not invested in bandit $igns, your are hurting you business. Bandits are inexpensive, easy and can be immediately effective in growing your business. We have YTD (Year to Date) invested roughly  $700 in our bandit campaigns, and have been contacted by over 300 people, and are closing on our 3rd house from this marketing.  Totaling PROFITS around $39,000. That is decent considering on average we have 15-30 signs up continually. Now Preston Ely in his latest edition of “The Flip Factor” mentioned you want to have 50-100 signs out at all times. That is alot, in my opinion but I can only imagine at this point what that could do for business. So it’s Gut Check Time! Get some signs!

P.$. we buy ours from



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3 Responses to Bandit $igns are good for Busine$$

  1. Dan says:

    Very good stuff we can all use as we start off in this business. Just a tip, I found http://www.DirtCheapSigns.Com they tend to be reasonable.


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