Whole$ale Tip of the WeeK “Bandit Signs”

Whole$ale Tip of the Week “Bandit $igns”

Our Whole$ale tip this week is regarding “Bandit Signs” and how important they are to your business. Depending on your market you should have seen a number of these plastic, wooden, or cardboard signs on telephone polls in your area. The Reason why people use these signs is because they work, and our effective for finding what are all looking for, Motivated Sellers! Now If you have read any of our previous posts then you now that bandit signs have been essential to our business, and making us money ever since we could afford to buy them. Bandit signs can be very inexpensive, I mean as little as $1.00 per sign. Now the old saying is true you get what you pay for, a dollar bandit will typically be a plain white piece of corrugated plastic, and you will have to get some sharpies and write on it yourself. This can be very time consuming and depending on the legibility of you writing many not look so hot. When we were getting started that $1.00 bandit sign was a heaven send, it brought us a huge wholesale that after fee’s and everything net us $17,500. If you are balling on a budget like most of us, this is a good solution for getting started. A more open budget can afford you a custom printed sign that will save you a tremendous amount of time. So here are some Photos of signs past and present that we have used and our currently using.

http://www.supercheapsigns.com is where to go and get them. All white plain sign will cost you a dollar per sign, the more elaborate custom printed ones will run you around $2 per sign.  Whatever it takes you to get these signs get them, plus be consistent, there are a bunch of wannabes where I live that come and go, I mean in the past 6 months they already quit putting them up, and I know it wasn’t because they had too much business, and we just got another deal from our signs this last week.  That’s great for us but don’t be like them, don’t quit!

P.$. Sizes Does Matter! we buy 18″x24″ signs


This was Gen. 1 lol they worked!

This was Gen.2

These are the latest and greatest!


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