“Ground Zero” Update

So Ground Zero if in full swing things are looking pretty good at this point. Today we went down to title with our Money Partners and everything went well, all doc’s are signed, money is in escrow. But I swear anytime things are running too smooth, expect turbulence.

So I was speaking with the seller today and she was disgrunteled that we had not closed escrow yet, and that I couldn’t pin point whether we would close on this Friday, or this coming Monday. I like to be up front with these things because I don’t want to have someone challenge my word, and then look like an ass. Now just so you know we opened escrow on Wednesday last week. I was in L.A. all weekend, and my partner, the one who is going on title with our money partner is in L.A. all week. Our money partner and wife, who is also on title both have day jobs so coordinating everything and getting it all put together is really difficult. So I explained that to her and Let her now we are scheduled to close on Friday,worst case scenario on Monday 10 days from when we originally opened escrow. I don’t know about you but a 10 day escrow is Freakin Quick. So our conversation went from bad to Okay and things will keep pressing forward. I think she will be satisfied when she gets those funds wired on Friday.

But with all said, what I want to say is that in everything you do there’s is a learning Curve, and I personally feel we are still coming around that bend. For those of you that are getting started, things get easier with time I promise, but always expect Turbulence. Be prepared mentally to overcome objections, and do what you need to, to see the project through the finish line. You have to envision yourself moving through the completion of your project, and you will become your thoughts of success. I have already envisioned us putting this house on the market and selling it, quickly. I believe that that will be the case.

Check back frequently, this project will begin most likely on Monday. We are going to be posting pictures and information through out the process. And will have a case study and video documentary of the process all the way to payday!

– Peace


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