Whole$ale tip of the week “Educate Yourself”

Whole$ale Tip of The Week

“Educate Yourself”

Now for you readers that are getting started, or even been wholesaling/investing for some time, by reading this post you are already on the right track. Each day you want to educate yourself.

– It’s Gut check Time!

“Knowledge is Power’ and as cliche of a statement that is, it is as true now, as it was the 1st time it was ever muttered. Ignorance(a state of being uninformed) is not an excuse for failure, but will take you down that road fast!

There are a few elements in wholesaling and investing that you need to address and work on daily.

  1. Networking – A successful man/women has a successful network, so work on this daily and reach out to people in your area and industry that are doing what you want to do, and align yourself with these people. Ask them questions, and listen to there advice.
  2. Resources – This can be anything from Cash Buyers, to Private Money Partners, to even hard money. Find it and grow your list of resources for funding your deals.
  3. Negotiation – If you can’t do this, you will not be successful… period! Don’t be discouraged if your not some negotiating ninja, you just need to educate yourself, and practice, we all have to start somewhere. Go to borders, barns & noble, amazon wherever and pick up this book by Herb Cohen called “You Can Negotiate Anything” it will help, I Promise. Negotiation is a skill that needs to be worked on. You must have a strategy in every negotiation in order to get what you want out of the situation.
  4. Organization – Without systems of tracking things, and recording information you will fail, I like to create spreadsheets in excel to keep track of everything.
  5. Prioritize – Certain tasks must take priority over others, because of time-lines, deadline, and promised response times. Don’t waste your time doing things that will minimize you efficiency. And always due what you say you are going to do, follow up calls ect. You got a rep on the line, remember that you will be know as a one that gets things done, or the chump that doesn’t.
  6. Reading – Reading blog post like this are great ways to get inspiration, and find information, but take things to another level, and find books that pertain to Business, Negotiation, Marketing, ect. This way you are not only staying sharp and on the cutting edge. But you will have inspired strategies to implement into the growth of your business.

These are just a few things to consider, and should be worked on daily in your pursuit of financial freedom. Educate your self in these areas of your business daily, these are tools you need to have that would be important in any business, not just real-estate, and will help you on your path to success.

– Sam

p.s. For Questions or comments, hit me up!


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