Growing a Succesful Wholesale Business part 1 “Act like an Investor”

The Sole reason why my partner and I created this blog was because early on in our start we realized how challenging this business can be. It takes alot of work to be successful. We have been blessed to call this our job and do this for a living. But getting to this point has not been easy. I want to encourage you to do what it takes to be successful, and share with you what helps us create our own success.  Growing in this business can be very challenging, you have all of these different factors weighing against you. 1st you are probably broke, know there is nothing wrong with that, because my partner and I were as well getting started. But you can’t think like your broke. Now I am not encouraging you to go blow whatever money you do have to create an illusion of having money. What I am saying is that you need to think rich, think like the people you are trying to do business with, you need to think and act like an Investor.  When you can think and operate like an actual real-estate investor does, you will start creating more success in your business. Acting like an Investor is more than spending your day looking at real-estate. You have to diagnose these investment opportunities, and scrutinize the details like your investor will. When you do this you are accomplishing a few things. 1 you are answering your buyers questions before they can ask them. 2 you are building your investors confidence in you, because of the amount of information and quality of that information you are providing, this will allow them to start to see you as an expert in your field. 3 you are learning how to successfully invest through the syndication of your deals with other investors, preparing you for the other side of the fence. These things are critical to your success, now every investor doesn’t need a whole plethora of information because they are experienced and or understand the market of the investment you are presenting. But it shows them you did you homework, and thoroughly understand what you are doing, and also is good practice for yourself on building sound investing principles. With that said you have to know how these investors like to buy and build you business model around that. Now I personally don’t believe in the business model that some of buyers use, but its not my money so it really doesn’t matter.  Shop for the majority and you should convert alot of you Assignments into check from your escrow company!



About The Wholesale Challenge
The New age Hu$tlers in Real-Estate Investing!

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