How to use Craigslist to find Investors

Having a good list of ACTIVE cash buyers (100+) is imperative to being successful in real estate wholesaling. Posting online ads like CHEAP FIXER UPPERS – ALL CASH, is an AMAZING way to market and find cash buyers, but there is another way to use Craigslist and other online classifieds to go DIRECTLY TO the investor. This will help you sift through the fluff and see who is really doing deals, because there are too many talkers and skeptics that will call you and waste your time.

Go to your area’s Craigslist section, click on “real estate for sale” under the “Housing” section. Go to the Search Bar at the top left and type in a word that someone would use to describe a house that has been recently remodeled, i.e.; remodeled, updated, rehabbed, etc. Then, just to the right of the search bar, there is a category that says “In:” click that and select “Real Estate – By Owner.” Then click search.

Sift through the search results and find houses that have recently been updated and contact the seller. If there is an address posted, look up the address on to see the last time it was bought and for how much. It is a good idea to have as much knowledge as you can before you get on the phone.

You can also call any and all FSBO’s you see and simply ask if they are an investor or looking to invest after selling their property.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about what questions to ask an investor while on the phone or face to face.


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