Whole$ale Tip of the Week!!! “Beware of Time Sucks”

I am writing this post about time sucks, lucky loos, and tire kickers because as a wholesaler you will encounter so many of these people that it will make you want to vomit in your mouth, literally. It is imperative that you establish a 6th sense for feeling these people out as quickly as possible, before you find yourself running all over town wasting your gas and your time to show people that would have a hard time determining what shoes to buy, and end up leaving the store with nothing because they just can’t make up their mind, or really never had the money to buy new shoes to begin with. These people are not a buyer, anyone who needs a week or two to think over an investment, is NOT AN INVESTOR! I promise you, you couldn’t sell that person a rock.  I don’t even waste time calling these people back; it will be a conversation, worth not having. Real buyers make decisions quickly, and need no more than 12hrs to have a decision back to you, because they understand as real investors, that opportunity waits for no man (or woman). I promise you If want to become extremely efficient with your time, take the time to properly qualify your buyers, ask to see a copy of their financials. Ask them how many homes they currently own, ask them how many properties they plan on buying this year, and find out if they are really qualified to invest in real-estate, and make sure they are worth your time. I used to be just so eager to talk to someone that claimed they were an investor and wanted to buy property. I would bend over backwards to get them all this information and accommodate them to see the property, now I couldn’t give a $h!tless. I don’t want to come off super negative like I am not doing well, because God has blessed my partner and myself and are business is starting to really take off. I am just airing some of my personal frustrations in this business as my business grows and I become busier while struggling to find enough time in the day to accomplish everything. So I say to you, please learn from my mistakes and better qualify your potential buyers up front, it will pay dividends over time.



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One Response to Whole$ale Tip of the Week!!! “Beware of Time Sucks”

  1. simone hardy says:

    Excellent post and so true. I’m not as experienced as yourself – yet- but I realize it can be very frustrating when people can’t or won’t make a decision. You’re right they’re not investors they are stuck on analysis paralysis and waste your time. Great post.

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