TWC… Update For all my fellow Hu$tlers!

Hey World sorry I haven’t been actively providing you the Latest and greatest…. Business has been good, and we are growing little by little each day.  Today is Friday and it wraps up another long week. Highlights of the week…. We lined up another P.I.M.P. (Private Investor & Money Partner) LOL!!! and are looking to embark on another flip YEAH!!! We are currently in escrow with one of our investors on a Wholesale deal here in Fresno, and because of the nature of the deal it is going to take a little longer than originally anticipated, but that alright because we will gross a little over $5k on this one. Also we are Moving like a snail on Ground Zero, We are so Close to the finish line but I swear it is taking for ever, I was going to constantly provide picture and video updates, I have them, just haven’t had the time to post them so for Ground Zero, we will make a video showing everything once completed, and put it on here for your viewing pleasure!!! To all my Hu$tlers out there keep grinding persistence pays off I promise, I also promise that the road will get rough but if you are persistent, you will be more equipped down the road…

Sam – Peace


About The Wholesale Challenge
The New age Hu$tlers in Real-Estate Investing!

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